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STIRZ started out as one woman asking herself a question…
Surely… there must be a better way?

This single thought started a movement that helped one Canadian and her family reach a global audience. Even during a pandemic that threatened to shut down life as we knew it, the already critical question on Gigi de Grano’s mind not only got herself thinking, but millions of others from Premier League Executives to eco-conscious consumers.

Combining her love of nature and affection for coffee, Gigi worked to create a truly sustainable beverage brand that delivered a premium quality product that didn’t cost the earth.

In just 12 months STIRZ was born, a brand that prided itself on delivering a simple, satisfying and sustainable solution to the single-use waste problem that was now an under the radar issue.

Growing support from family and a few friends, (separated by geography but brought together by a love for sports and of course… Coffee!), helped Gigi to build on her passion and grow the vision for what she knew could ultimately benefit the planet and generations to come.

Today STIRZ is served in stadiums, drunk at rally's and even enjoyed at home by staff, fans and even professional athletes.

Our sustainable line of quality hot beverages include Premium Micro-Ground Coffee and our ‘Down-to-Earth Delicious’ Hot Chocolate, supported by our guilt free compostable packaging and re-usable cans.

We aim to deliver a hot drinks experience like no other, which leaves loyal fans with a true taste of glory!

Gigi de Grano
Founder & COO